A Marketing Client Intake Sheet is Crucial to Success

Today is a quick podcast but with 15 minutes of work on your part, you can put surge your revenue and profit margins.

Do you have a client intake sheet?

Probably, but do you have a marketing client intake sheet?

Of course you need to know what you’re doing for a client but are you collecting data on how your clients are choosing you?

You absolutely need to!

Here’s something about web traffic analytics you may not know: For 99% of searches, we don’t know what keywords people typed in!

The best way to gather intel on converted clients is to ASK them.

After they pay you money, present them with a simple, quick client intake sheet.

Would we love to know more — YES! But don’t press your luck! Just get the basics – and refine your intake sheet as you learn more.

Here’s questions for a sample form:

How did you find me (Bing, Google, another website, Instagram, referral, trade magazine, podcast, etc.)?

If search engine, do you remember what keywords you searched for?

What ultimately made you decide to choose us?

What could we have done to make choosing us easier?

What is your zip code?

How can this help you?

Maybe all your clients are coming from Facebook – update Facebook more.

Maybe your YouTube videos are killer and they’re reeling people in – make more!

Maybe all of your business is coming from a Trade Show Ad – GET A BIGGER AD!, Take out more!

Maybe people are searching for one specific keyword to find you – RANK MORE properties for it! Another website, YouTube videos, guest blog posts!

The key here is you can focus your efforts on the area where you’re banking the most off of.

You can get ideas of where to expand to.

Maybe you’re the only warehouse that explains how you’re using robotic automation to make your pick and pack system easier.

Maybe you’re the only company with a shrink wrap system designed specifically for a certain niche of products.

You want to have this intel so that you can leverage it.

If you just blindly accept customers without knowing why or how they’re coming to you, you’re leaving other customers on the table.

3 Easy Boomtown Tips for Better Marketing and Increased Revenue (Implement These Now)

forklift moving pallets of tires

You are listening to Supply Chain Gold.

The podcast that makes money for companies in the Supply Chain.

My name is JR and I’m the Supply Chain Marketing Guy

Today is a random mix of 3 big things you can do to make more money!

But here’s the best part: These are breezy easy to do!

Let’s GO:

#1 Get Real Customer Reviews

You need legit reviews (not fake ones!) on Google Local Maps and Facebook.

This is why you should have a Facebook company page even though you have a boring warehouse, distribution, or logistics company.

People really decide to hire you based on your 5 star reviews (or lack thereof) and what they say.

Authentic feedback is the most compelling so make sure you have this.

The only way to get these almighty and super valuable reviews is to 1) ask in person or on the phone and 2) AFTER you have completed a substantial amount of work so someone doesn’t feel like a complete sellout when leaving a review.

These are money — so many companies let these fall by the way side but NOT YOU!

A detailed, vivid review is worth so much so gather as many as you can.

#2 Make your website super compelling with more video, more photos, and more illustrations or icons.

Your YouTube video should be max 2 minutes.  (Use YouTube because it helps with SEO a couple of different ways).

This multimedia doesn’t necessarily have to be professional, just real and authentic.

Also, before you slam your prospective customers with text, limit your text to at most 2 paragraphs in a row because people don’t read, they want
to be engaged.

Use simple, easy to understand language.  This is not the time to show you doctorate in vocabulary.

#3 You’re Boring but be less boring to scoop up the clients!

As a member of the supply chain, you are a very boring business BUT you are also necessary!

So there is money to be had and the least boring company is going to win out!

How can you make your company more enticing?

– Cool logo
– Cool tshirts (don’t get polos)
– Professional, Relaxed but enticing YouTube videos
– Great, simple web design
– engaging pictures with people (we love browsing through pics of people see: Instagram, Facebook)

That’s the podcast!  If you’re just reading this blog post, listen to the whole thing!


Need a custom solution to marketing your supply chain company?

Why the hell not get a consultation with me, JR, the Supply Chain Marketing Guy!

We’ll boom your revenue (and profit because digital is so scalable and high margin) as fast as apple pie cools on a cold day!

Email JR@SupplyChainify.com to get started with SEO or search engine optimization (ranking in Google), adding content, and/or improving your web design right now.

Increase Google Rank or SEO for Logistics (3PL) Companies, Distribution Centers, and Warehouses

grow your company with search marketing

You are listening to Supply Chain Gold.

The podcast that makes money for companies in the Supply Chain.

My name is JR and I’m the Supply Chain Marketing Guy

Today is part II of raising your website’s rank in Google. Last episode was all about things you can do on your site. Today will be about off-site SEO so it’s all link building. Let’s talk about 3 things you can do to increase your site’s rank right now!

Website age

Before we start, I should tell you that 95% of people listening will have a huge advantage because your website will have been in Google for a while. Website age counts big time

Let’s start with the very basics:

Link Building
Social Media Links from posts and profiles


Blog comments within the industry
Find some articles that talk about what you specialize in and leave a comment under your name

Press releases – gets you 300 links really fast

Guest blogging and podcast guest for other sites/podcasts
Let’s say you’re an expert for refrigerated trucking, offer your expertise
Let’s say you’re the authority on Amazon seller logistics
Let’s say you know somethings commonly overlooked about warehoues storage
Let’s say you know about the future of distribution centers and how they’re going to grow

Post on forums with a signature link

Another reason to get listed in directories, sponsor or get listed in tradeshows Supply Chain Innovation Summit

This gets you both link and direct benefits authority/expert status

When it comes to expertise, put someone in charge of being the expert and doing this — it’s worth it!

Reach out to other companies that you complement and see if you can’t get a link from them on the subject

Link back to pages with your links and your social media profiles

Ultimately, you want a diverse portfolio of links including from different types of sites on different IPs because that’s going to help your website establish authority and
get Google’s attention

Now remember, this is after you have an optimized site with proper structure. If your site isn’t properly structured, you’re getting 30-50% less than what you could be.

My name is JR and I’m the Supply Chain Marketing Guy. Thanks so much for listening and we will talk to you next time.

Money Bag On-Page SEO Tips to Increase Your Supply Chain Company’s Rank in Google

how to rank your logistics company in google

You are listening to Supply Chain Gold

The podcast that makes money for companies in the Supply Chain

My name is JR and I’m the Supply Chain Marketing Guy

The sun is bright and shining out here in the distribution center capital of the world so I thought what a great time to lock myself in a room and make a podcast.

  • You know how Conan O’Brien and other late show hosts always say they have a good show even if they don’t? Well, that’s not me! If I have a mediocre show in store, I’ll let you know ahead of time BUT today is not that day because today we are talking about ranking your supply chain company website in Google for your keywords!
  • This is big stuff – we’re talking about free, targeted, organic search traffic from people looking to give you business!
  • And if you can’t read between the lines, this means you lower your customer acquisition cost!
  • Even cooler, this is part 1 of a 2 part series so we’ve got the to be continued angle going. Do you remember the CHIPs show with Paunch and John Baker? And whenever the show got too good past the 40 minute mark, it was going to go into overtime and you were going to have to wait a day to see the next episode? This podcast episode will be like that!

What is Google Organic Rank?

    • It’s all the search results outside of the paid ads and local map results
    • So in order words, the organic, FREE results

How do I rank my warehouse, shipping, or logistics company in Google?

  • Good news, I’m a search engine marketing expert and I’m about to tell you 3 ways to improve your on-page SEO or search engine optimization.
  • Now I’m sure most of you have already heard of SEO and even more of you know that link building is super important. And while that’s true, DON’T sleep on on-page optimization because just a few simple tweaks can take your distribution center from #19 to #9 in a week.
  • have case study after case study that shows on-page SEO is holding you back from the rankings you so covet.
  • Let’s get going with #1

And the #1 SEO trick is…

    • Silo internal link structure and use the anchor text you want to rank for to link to the different pages of your site
    • You don’t want every single link to a page to be optimized under the same text but you can have 50% of your links with the same anchor text and then divide the other 50% into two 25% halves of branding and miscellaneous keywords
    • This has changed, 4 years ago, you wanted outside links to have anchor texts for you to rank, now it’s more about you telling on your website what each page should rank for
    • This works for immediate results!!!
      • Try this on your website and your rankings will skyrocket for different pages

With the silo structure, what I mean is to create a hierarchy of links and organize them within your site.

    • I know we’re on audio here but try to imagine a flow an organizational flow chart where we start off the top box. Let’s say the main theme of your site is logistics so that’s at the very top.
    • Underneath logistics, you have your subheadings, like supply chain warehousing, shipping, and importing and exporting. And then we could take shipping and draw two lines underneath that and have them go to domestic shipping and international freight forwarding.
    • Now imagine this map as converted to your website and how it links to each page; it’s structured correctly.
    • Google absolutely loves this!
      • A properly structured website, that flows well makes your website easy to navigate and creates a great user experience and, more important, is seen favorably in the eyes of Google

– And not only all of the above benefits but when your website homepage or another page does get incoming links, the link benefit powers through the rest of the site because you’ve got your links set up where the juice flows through to other pages of your site. This is huge.

The #2 SEO tip is…

    • Under optimize – wait what!?!
    • Only use your keyword once in your entire URL and title (this includes your domain and the page name)
      • Why?
        • Google’s on to people that over-optimize and so you don’t want to try and fit your keywords in every corner
        • For example:- You don’t want to have the word logistics in the title tag of your page more than once, use 3PL or another proper synonym or description
            • Google already knows about logistics when you say it, if you put it twice, you raise over-optimization flags
      • So knowing that you should restrict and limit how many times you use a keyword or group of keywords on each page, what should you do?
        • Put them where they have the most bang for your buck!
          • You probably already have your domain so we’ll ignore that but you can always put them in your URL by creating a properly titled page.
          • Then there’s the title tag
          • Then there’s the header 1 and header 2 and so on.
          • And then there’s the content
    • Thus, when you target your keywords, put them in the money positions
    • Keep your keyword density low on your pages and use synonyms or related words – trust me, as tempting as it is to say a phrase over and over, it works against you
      • Relatedly, even the individual words count
        • Let’s say you only use the phrase freight management 4 total times on your page
          • Great, but you use the individual words “freight” 25 times and “management” 20 times
            • This could very well get you penalized
            • You want to keep your individual word usage low too

And last but least, the #3 SEO magic trick is topical relevance

    • Sounds boring, I know, and it is…BUT
    • This is money at your doorstep so listen anyways – don’t be the kid that’s too cool to pay attention in dentistry school and then breaks someone’s tooth in real life
    • Ok, let’s say you want to rank for keywords relating to distribution center so you throw up a page on distribution center
      • Well that’s all fine and dandy like sugar infused, store bought disgusting fruitcake on Thanksgiving but that new page isn’t going to rank- Why?
            • Because it doesn’t have any topical relevance!
              • You need to create supporting on-site articles around it so Google doesn’t think this site’s really about distribution centers
              • To solve the problem and start getting ranked for your newly targeted keywords, you greedy supply chain company you, just create 3 or 4 more pages that cover and support the keyword and link back to the main distribution center sub-page you’re trying to rank
                • By doing so, you establish topical relevance and Google moves you up the rankings

Supply Chain Gold is powered by SupplyChainIfy, my marketing firm for Supply Chain Companies. SupplyChainIfy brings the big 3 to your house: SEO, content, and design. Find out more at SupplyChainIfy.com.

This has been the SupplyChainGold podcast and my name is JR. There’s plenty more where this came from. If you’d like to get some, go to SupplyChainGold.com right now and subscribe to my mailing list, moreover don’t forget that you can subscribe to this podcast on iTunes and get my amazing marketing voice in your ear as soon as a new podcast comes out!

You can email me at jr@supplychaingold.com

I will see you next time!

Marketing Millions Being Left on the Table by Supply Chain Companies

marketing podcast for supply chain companies

Supply Chain Gold Episode 1 Outline

    • The podcast that makes money for companies in the Supply Chain.
    • My name is JR and I’m the Supply Chain Marketing Guy
  • Today we’re in the beautiful Supply Chain Gold studios located in Grand Prairie, Texas which is about 15 minutes west of Dallas. I’m just kidding, it’s just a room in my house and the room has a lot of Amazon boxes piled up but a lot of podcasts are actually made in closets so I think we’ll be ok.

Before we get started, I have three show notes:

    • One, this is our first episode!
    • And two, this recording is being simulcast for both video, so YouTube and podcast (iTunes and Stitcher). So if you want to watch, there will be video proof this really happened and if you want to listen while you drive – or stair step (I can’t listen to info while I exercise), it’ll be available for download on podcast.
    • And three, I only get 54 takes before I have to go with one of them so be prepared for a lot of mistakes
  • This podcast is all about marketing AKA making money! I’ve been studying companies in the supply chain and so many of you have everything in place but you’re leaving hundreds of thousands if not millions because you’re not positioning yourself correctly.
  • There’s so much you don’t know so turn your volume all the way up and honk your at everybody to get out of your way because I’m about to turn your world upside down.

What is Marketing?

    • Everything you do to make a sale
      • SEO
      • web design
      • telling other people
      • trade shows
      • billboard advertising
      • joining MeetUp groups

But what are you Marketing?

Let’s start with the very basics:

    • Who are you?
      • Are you a distribution center?
      • Are you a fulfillment center?
      • Are you a logistics company?
    • What do you do well?
      • Supply chain visibility
      • All-in-one solution to sellers
    • What do you specialize in, what’s your calling card, what do people think of when they think of you, what’s the tagline that follows you around?
      • It’s okay if you do more, but you need something to be remembered by
        • This is how we remember things
          • Think about Seinfeld
            • Who can forget Soup Nazi?
        • Think about McDonalds
          • Fast, cheap sort of hamburgers
    • What’s your tagline?
      • The set it and forget it logistics company for Amazon sellers
      • The Fort Knox warehouse: Everything is safe and secure
      • The solid as a rock distribution center
      • The always on time fulfillment center
    • What’s your edge?
        • Be Specific
      • Why am I choosing you over another company?
      • What’s your value proposition to me?
        • I spend X, I get back Y
      • Less damaged/lost inventory
      • Faster shipping times

Make it clear to customers

    • People like simple
    • People like easy
    • People like quick
      • But then you can expand once you capture their attention and they want to find out more
      • Start small with the big headings and draw people in one step at a time:
        • We’re the Antartica Transportation Company for Frozen Foods
          • All we do is transport frozen foods. We specialize in transporting frozen food products at 25 degrees fareinheit, just the right temp for ice cream, frozen dinners, and frozen fruit.
    • Don’t get lost in inward focus
      • People don’t care about you, they care about what you mean to them
        • Who is looking for you?
        • What’s important to them?
        • How did your current/past customers find you?
        • Why did they choose you?

Leverage Your Success – Highlight it, Exacerbate it, Dwell on it

      • If you’ve done something well, scream from the rooftops about it
      • DO NOT LET it go unnoticed
      • Carry around your success like a 17 lb bag of Skittles that Costco for some reason got and then go to your customer’s house and not accidentally spill that Skittles bag all over their coffee table while they’re watching Game of Thrones
      • Disrupt their life with your success
      • What is success?
        • Just your longevity is a talking point
        • If the bank hasn’t foreclosed on your fulfillment center after 5 years, that’s pretty damn good
        • If you don’t have any reviews, you don’t have any bad reviews either

Remember how Reading Rainbow was brought to you by Kellogs and other companies like them. Well Supply Chain Gold is brought to you by SupplyChainIfy, my marketing firm for Supply Chain Companies. SupplyChainIfy brings the big 3 to your house: SEO, content, and design. Find out more at SupplyChainIfy.com.

This has been the SupplyChainGold podcast and my name is JR. Go to SupplyChainGold.com right now and dive right in to the deep end. Subscribe like hell to everything and send me an email to let me know what you think!